Recap of Last Few Weeks

While I've not been on top of my blogging game lately, life has still been happening.  Here's a quick catchup of what I've been up to.

For my sweet hubby's 35th birthday, we celebrated at our favorite local watering hole, Random Tap, with pizza, beer, and buddies.

And he got 35 presents from me.

We were fortunate enough to be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on August 21st, so we had some friends over to hang out and watch!

We also took a trip to Atlanta for a Braves game and hung out with my sister-in-law in Augusta.

Check out The Hive if ever in Augusta - very neat place!

Whiskey Bar Kitchen was a great place to grab a drink and a snack.

We attended a fundraising dinner at our local zoo, Riverbanks, last week - I took one photo during the cocktail hour but failed to photograph the dinner spread - the menu was incredible, and we were seated and served family-style.  I had never done that before, so it was neat to be forced to talk to strangers (a little out of my comfort zone, but the wine helped!)

I'm so glad to have COLLEGE FOOTBALL back!  It means autumn is on the way!  Go Tigers!!

This past Saturday we went for a nice long morning walk before coming home to make breakfast sandwiches and watch GameDay.

This is what our living room will look like for the next few months of Saturdays, and I'm just fine with that.

Not sure I can say the same for Madigan, though.