Whirlwind Kentucky Trip

This past weekend, Mom and I headed up to Lexington, Kentucky for a family memorial service.  While it was a sad occasion, we tried to make the most of it by hitting a few fun spots while we were there and along the way.

When Mom and I arrived late Thursday night, we walked from our hotel over to Bru Burger Bar and split a burger and the best onion rings I've ever had in my life (no joke).  We each had a local beer, too!

I wasn't thinking with both lobes of my brain when I was packing Thursday, so I failed to include something orange for Solid Orange Friday!  My first coffee of the day, however, made up for it.

For my second dose, we went to North Lime Coffee and Donuts where we each got lattes and split a raspberry and a carrot cake donut.  My sister-in-law lived in Lexington for a time and introduced us to this sinful place.  Nom.

We enjoyed our snack at a local park where we burned (a relatively few) calories geocaching!

 We had a couple of special requests from home, so we had to cross them off our to-do list Friday.  First of all, we ventured to the liquor store to find some hard-to-find bourbon.  Oh how I wish I could've brought this guy home with me...

I wanted to take Mom to Crank & Boom while we were in town, but we ran out of time.  Luckily, the Liquor Barn carried a few of their pints!

Besides the liquor store, we had to stop by Old Kentucky Chocolates.  My Great-Aunt Sue worked there for decades and I would "work" with her every time we came to visit.  Just walking in that store and smelling the sweet air brings tears to my eyes thinking about her and the fun I had visiting her!

The essentials.
 Friday afternoon and evening were the memorial service and family time, but Mom and I had some wind-down time when we got back to the hotel.  Mud masks and wine in a cup!

The next day before hitting the road, we stocked up on bottled water at the local grocery just in case Irma decided to show her wrath in SC (thankfully we only got some bad rain and wind, nothing serious).

The ride back was filled with lots of interesting sights....in addition to this chicken truck, we saw 20+ trucks from electric co-op companies, presumably headed straight for Irma's path to help restore power.  I gotta admit, I got a little choked up thinking about them heading into harm's way to help those hit by the storm.

Mom and I stopped for a late lunch at one of my fave places in Asheville, Wicked Weed Brewpub.  We split a sandwich and a burger and each had a half-pint of different pumpkin beers (an accidental pour in our favor means we got to try a 3rd!).  I also got to pick up a couple bottles of one of my faves, Xibalba!

One place we always like to stop on the way home is Bloomfield's Dish Barn - they have tons of cute housewares and kitchen gadgets.  Plus, check out this pile o' pumpkins!

I was glad to get home Saturday and enjoy some football and rest after the long drive (why does driving long distances always make me exhausted??), and Sunday was pretty lazy awaiting the storm associated with Hurricane Irma.  I think we all enjoyed having the windows open with the cool fall breeze coming in!

Hope you all are safe and sound this hurricane season - it's already proving to be a crazy one!