Historic Brattonsville's Piedmont Pottery & Pickin'

Today I traveled with some of my oldest, dearest friends to Historic Brattonsville, a place I had never even heard of, to attend a pottery festival.  While we did end up with some pottery pieces, we also had a great time soaking in some of the history of the site.  I had never heard of it before this pottery festival was advertised, and I'd definitely like to go back when we have more time to explore!

Sweet little bowl I bought myself as a souvenir. C'mon over and I'll make you some dip!

Ornament I got for my grandmother.  Shh, please don't tell her.
They had numerous buildings on-site that were set up to walk through and learn more about the history of not only the Bratton families but the region, too.  We all agreed that the history field trips we went on as kids were wasted on our youth.  We appreciate this stuff so much more now as "adults!"  Here are just a sampling of some of the photos I took today:

The festival was nice and shady!  Today sure was hot for being the first full day of autumn!

The vendors donated pieces to be raffled off, and a couple of us were big winners!

The light in the large house, "Hightower," was beautiful.

In addition to the pottery, they also had a BBQ truck there.  I got a bun-free pulled pork sandwich with slaw (hopefully not much sugar in that...). 

We had a great time taking in the sights old and new, enjoying some bluegrass music, and enjoying each others' company - we don't get together nearly often enough and I love these girls dearly!