Weight Loss

My body and I have had a very tumultuous history together.  I used to regularly blog over at Low-Fat Kat (see my weight history there if you're interested in the whole story!) and really miss the supportive blogger community as I still struggle with my weight.

In November 2009 I began a bariatric diet (low-carb/low-calorie, moderate protein) and was able to drop a significant amount of weight that I've been able to keep off.  However, in the last few years between lazy habits and social events, I've allowed a bit to creep back on.

As of September 2017 I'm beginning a ketogenic diet, relying heavily again on the experience of others and the many resources on the web.

Because everyone loves a good before-and-after comparison, here are a few photos from around my highest weight in 2008 and some from my most recent lowest weight around our wedding in 2014 (I've put on about 15 since then...boo!)

Near my heaviest, around 2008

Near my recent lowest weight on our wedding day, 2014

At a dear friend's wedding near my highest weight in 2008

In 2014 near my recent lowest weight at a wedding shower