Baby Shower

Yesterday we hosted a baby shower for some very dear friends.  I did a few crafty things for decorations, including some yarn balls I could've made better use of, but hey.

I combined some water and Elmer's glue, soaked some yarn in it, then wrapped small water balloons and let them dry before popping the balloons.  I used them in a balloon structure and meant to use them as table decor, but got busy setting everything else up and forgot.  Classic Katherine.

I also made some food picks by cutting out cardstock circles with a paper punch and affixing them to toothpicks.  At first I just used Elmer's but it was too wet and kept getting unstuck, but glue dots did the trick!

For favors I made some cake pops and turned them into little flowers.  My original plan to use spiral-cut cardstock to make rosettes but that was a huge fail, so blue cupcake liners came to my rescue.  I did use some cardstock leaves to jazz them up a bit.

I wrapped the pops in plastic wrap and sealed them with some floral tape before adding the leaves and cupcake liners.

I think everything came together pretty well.  The shower started at 11am so we had a brunch menu with a biscuit bar and mimosas among other things.

I made this lemon berry cake with some storebought buttercream icing...I wish I had brushed the cakes with some limoncello or something because it was a little dry.


This picture affords the best shot of my balloon backdrop - I made a small one by affixing balloons to chicken wire with ribbon.

At the end of the party we cleaned up a bit and re-decorated for a 4th of July party for some more friends and family!  I popped the green balloons over the fireplace and replaced them with red, and we took up several decorations to replace them with stars and stripes.  It's been a long weekend, so today I'm taking the opportunity for some R&R.