June Charleston Trip

A couple of weeks ago we visited Charleston!  I finally went to 5Church, a place I've wanted to visit for awhile.  The decor is just amazing, and we were there late on a Thursday so nearly had the whole place to ourselves.

The next morning we grabbed coffee at Kudu.  I would've liked to go back for a beer that evening but our plans didn't really allow for it.  This is such a cute courtyard attached to the cafe - it'd make the perfect hangout spot!

My silly guilty pleasure is watching those ghost hunting shows - I don't know if I believe it, I've never experienced anything like it myself, but somehow I feel compelled to watch shows about the supernatural.  Judge me.  I don't care.  One of the things we did in Charleston was a haunted dungeon tour...not sure I'd recommend it, but it was nice to see the old Exchange Building from the inside and see the architecture of the dungeon below it.  The next day we visited some cemeteries....we saw some fascinating stuff!

I had to Google this custom - leaving a coin on a soldier's grave is a way of showing you were there to pay your respects.

 Such beautiful scenery and an impending storm at the Circular Church!

I love walking around Charleston looking at the houses and landscaping.  I have mad windowbox envy...

We have a back corner garden we are not able to contain (the previous homeowners had a rose garden back there that was doomed the moment we took possession), and I want to do a cute little English courtyard-type garden back there.  I love the frog statues in this one!

We walked along the Battery....see those clouds rolling in?

We got caught in a MONSOON on the way back to our hotel.  We sought shelter under some scaffolding but tried to awning-hop our way back afterward.  I've never been wetter in my entire life.

Here's where we started drinking our way through the city.  After showering and drying off, we tried out Rodney Scott's Whole-Hot BBQ for lunch and then visited Frothy Beard where we had a couple flights (and pints)

That evening we visited a couple of favorites - for dinner we went to Monza Pizza, and Jason and I went next door to Closed For Business while we waited to be called.  We were anticipating a much longer wait for our table, and sadly had to chug 3/4 of our beers when we got the text the restaurant was ready for us.

Surprisingly I have no picture from Monza...the pizza is amazeballs though.  Afterward, Jason and I walked to the Gin Joint, the only place a cocktail chemist like him can be happy.  Seriously since Jason has gotten into making craft cocktails, we've been spoiled.  Very few places wow us anymore, and this is one of them.

We had a couple rounds, but my absolute favorite was the Annabell Lee: sloe gin, lemon, burnt sugar, rhubarb, and a spice cream ice cube.  I can still taste it and it still makes me giddy as hell.

Saturday morning we hit up the Farmers' Market in Marion Square where I got an iced coffee and a Monte Cristo crepe.  Nom.

Sadly I didn't buy any produce as I had no way to chill or store it, but check out this beautiful asparagus!

I did get a fresh juice with beets in it....I absolutely hate beets but this wasn't too bad!  I also just wanted an excuse to take a picture of my pretty orange frock....so comfy!

We walked around the College of Charleston campus for a bit - everything is so beautiful there!

I'm a sucker for moss.

 What good blogger/Instagrammer can pass up a mural?

On the way out of town we stopped at a couple of breweries - Westbrook and Pawley's Island Brewery.  This trip has re-solidified my love for craft beer.

Thankfully, we have a great local place that slings craft beers...we kept the vacation mode going with some salads and beers at Random Tap that evening.  It was a nice way to ease back into real life!