Ketogenic Diet

For better or worse, I'm pretty accustomed to talking about weight loss and weight management.  I maintained a weight loss blog for awhile at Low-Fat Kat and work in a bariatric clinic currently, but I am far from having all the answers (and there's no "right" answer for everyone!).  There are so many different approaches to weight loss, but consistency is key, and I've not been very consistent in awhile.  Since getting married almost 3 years ago I've put on about 15-20 pounds, and while I'm still down close to 100 lbs from my very highest weight, I'm really starting to feel bad both physically and emotionally.

I decided it was time for a change, and the more I (casually) read about higher-fat, lower-carb diets and the way the food and diet industry has changed our eating habits over the decades made me think more seriously about following a ketogenic diet, not just for weight loss but for longer-term health.  I know we rely too much on simple processed carbs as a society, so I definitely want to make a lasting change that gets away from that.  I may not always be as strict as I am resolving to be in the near future, but the commitment I'm making to follow this has lended a novelty to the situation that makes me excited to try new recipes and see what kind of results I'll get.

Having said that, I'm trying to be strict but am still figuring out what my new routine is and where my macros need to be, so I'm going through a learning curve/trial-and-error period.  I'm relying pretty heavily on a few resources at the moment:

  • The Keto Sub-Reddit boards for advice and info
  • CRON-O-Meter to log my food/macro intake and make sure I'm staying on track (both browser and mobile app)
  • The Keto Calculator to fine-tune your macro goals and figure out your targets
  • The Ketogenic Bible book - this gets WAY in-depth as far as biochemistry and scientific studies, plus it has recipes!  A great resource, but potentially a little overwhelming.
  • The Keto Diet Podcast - I've only listened to a few so far, but I'm a huge podcast fan, so it's nice to immerse yourself in a subject and learn from the experience of others.
I'll continue to add to the list as I find other resources that prove helpful, and I'll post progress updates (as long as I have some!).  Do any of you follow a ketogenic or very low-carb diet?  Any resources or success stories to share?



  1. I did Whole 30 last year, and while I never felt amazing on it, I did lose 8 lbs. and it made me think about how I can add fruits and veggies and reduce grains in almost anything.

    1. Thanks for weighing in (ha!), Bonnie! We did it last year and it really did help me find a new appreciation for whole-er foods (and darker coffee)!