Breaking in the Pasta Roller

My stepmom-in-law gave hubby and me a pasta roller attachment for our KitchenAid mixer a few months ago for helping with a family reunion, and I've been looking for a time and opportunity to bust it out and try it.  I felt the weekend lull creeping in Saturday - feeling restless and bored yet not wanting to do several "necessary" chores.  So I rationalized that a complicated dinner project would be appropriate!

I wanted to make some kind of ravioli, so I pulled up this basic recipe from Served to Scratch to know where to start.

For the filling, I used lowfat ricotta cheese, some thawed frozen chopped spinach (drained in a kitchen towel), some fresh parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and salt and pepper.

I can definitely see myself making tons of my easy homemade crackers with this guy!

I put teaspoon-sized amounts of filling on the sheets and used an egg wash to seal the edges before crimping with a fork.

I had a little bit of leakage on some, but for the most part they kept their shape and innards intact.  While I worked on the ravioli in batches, I put the finished ones in the fridge to firm up a little so they'd be easier to pick up.

I boiled them until they floated, according to the directions, then I sauteed them with some cooked mushrooms in a pan with some EVOO, butter, and red wine.  This gave them a little texture and more flavor!

I served them alongside some storebought meatballs I baked in the oven on top of a pyramid silicone mat - this is a great way to drain fat while cooking the meatballs evenly.  Jarred pasta sauce is another shortcut - I knew the ravioli would be labor-intensive enough and wanted to cut corners where I could!

I also roasted some zucchini for a little variety and nutrition.

This satisfied my desire to put some elbow grease into dinner.  I don't have the patience and energy to drag out equipment like the pasta roller every night, but every now and then I do enjoy the challenge of something semi-complicated like this!

The pièce de résistance!
Do you have a nifty piece of equipment that takes some effort but is well worth the work?  It's fun to roll up your sleeves and get creative from time to time!