Cooking Off-Book

It seems that lately, routine has won over novelty for sake of ease when cooking dinners.  Tuesday night we found ourselves with a night at home, and I decided to try something a little different in the kitchen.  As much as I love perusing ink-and-paper cookbooks, I have to admit that Pinterest makes finding recipes a breeze.

We hadn't had fish in awhile, so I went to Fresh Market and picked out some wild-caught Alaskan cod without knowing exactly what I'd do with it yet.  I also grabbed some cabbage (I had forgotten how cheap that stuff is!) to roast according to this recipe I'd been wanting to try from An Oregon Cottage.

After searching for a cod recipe that sounded light and flavorful, I settled on this one from Foodness Gracious, and boy did it deliver!  I only had one whole orange on hand, so I used its zest and juice while supplementing with some bottled lemon juice for the marinade.  It was light and flavorful and exactly what I was looking for!

Along with a tasty yet ugly heirloom tomato, this meal was exactly what we needed to shake things up a bit! 

Do you like to go grocery shopping without a recipe or menu in mind?  Sometimes it's like jumping without a net, but sometimes it can be fun!