Tomato Thyme Quiche

This morning, dear hubby has been hard at work mowing the lawn before the worst heat sets in for the day, so I wanted to make him something special for breakfast.  I bought some plum tomatoes Friday for dinner that I didn't end up using, so I decided to throw together something to feature them.  What I ended up with was a cross between a quiche and a tomato pie.

I started by making half of a shortcrust recipe: 1 cup of AP flour, 4 oz cold diced butter, and a pinch of salt mixed together til crumbly, then added cold water until it came together into a dough.  I pressed it into the bottom of a sprayed baking dish and baked it for about 8 minutes at 400°.

Then I layered a bit of mayo in the bottom, added two beaten eggs and a layer of sliced tomatoes, then salt, pepper, and fresh thyme.  I repeated the layer one more time and dotted the top with mayo.


I baked it in a 350° oven for what ended up being close to 26 minutes, checking every 5-10 min or so.

It was a great taste of summer and so easily customizable with other ingredients - I'd have loved to top it with goat cheese!