LP Album Frame Hack

I've had a project in the works for a few years (at home I'm a starter, not a finisher...not proud), but I finally was able to wrap it up with the help of another project (I weave a mighty tangled web of crafts).

Tangentially (but I'll get back to the point): for our wedding anniversaries, I'd prefer to stick to the traditional gift-giving guidelines for some inspiration.  For our first anniversary, part of my gift was a hand-lettered print I did of the title of our first dance song, but I never got around to framing it.  Lately we've finally been putting more stuff up on the walls, so I dug out that print and realized an LP album frame would be perfect for it (12" square, and I only know those exist because my stepmom-in-law did a framed album cover project recently).  I searched the Michaels website to see what kind of options they had, and wouldn't you know it - they had a BOGO sale going on!  One went on my anniversary print, but I had outside-the-box plans for the other.  Getting back to my original point....

I bought a 12"x12" piece of sheet metal from Home Depot awhile back with the intention of displaying magnetized eyeshadow pots, but never took the time to decide how to frame and hang it.

This album frame was perfect!  I took out the glass and painted the frame backing black since 1/4" would show on all sides, then I secured the sheet metal to the backing with E3000 craft glue.

I spray-painted the frame a with a faux oil-rubbed bronze finish (the anniversary print's frame was painted gold) to match the fixtures in our vanity area.

I used the same E3000 glue to affix a magnet to the back of each eyeshadow pot and let them dry for several hours.

I re-assembled the frame and hung it on the wall next to the mirror in our vanity area, and now I've freed up tons of counter space and can actually SEE all my color options!

Have you hacked anything recently to help organize or display something?  I love thinking outside the box to repurpose items for more uses!