July 4th Festivities

Our neighborhood has a huge fireworks display and various events for the 4th of July, so since we've moved here we've invited friends and family to enjoy them with us.  We have a party/cookout during the day and then walk down to the lake to watch the show that night.

This year I made a (last-minute) photo backdrop out of kraft paper and acrylic paints.

And using the Cricut and chipboard, I made some garlands that are sturdy enough to use year after year!  I cut plastic straws into small sections and taped one to the back of each letter so I could thread string through and easily adjust the distance between letters.

I made a sweet and savory snack of Cromer's popcorn covered with candy coating and tossed with patriotic M&Ms (to go with our hotdogs and other snacks and sides).

And my signature cocktail was a prosecco "poptail" - an old-school bomb pop stuck in a big ol' glass of prosecco.  Keeps the drink cold and keeps the flavor and color changing!  I'm still sipping on these made with seltzer or diet lemon soda when I want a little treat!

 We had a good crowd stay for the fireworks, and as usual they were an awesome show!