July 4th

We had a big crowd at our house for the 4th of July!  Our neighborhood puts on a big fireworks display and has events for kids and families, so we were happy to have our friends and family over to celebrate! As usual, I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked, but I have a few details to share!

Mom and I picked blueberries the day before at the Southern Blues blueberry patch in Chapin- 17 pounds between the two of us!  Some to share, most to keep.

I made several snacks to share with our guests, including red, white, and blue Rice Krispie Treats (haven't made those in YEARS) because I found these at Target and couldn't resist.

I also made haystacks (chow mein noodles + candiquik + peanuts + sprinkles)...

...and red velvet cake balls, by special request!

I used some of the blueberries in a sangria, as well as some fresh cherries I pitted using my trusty Cherry Chomper (affiliate link)...I love this little guy.

I had some glow bracelets in requisite red, white, and blue...pretty sure the adults had more fun with them than the kids.

As usual, we really enjoyed our neighborhood's fireworks display...they really go all out!

The next day, I used leftover hot dogs in a veggie-filled egg scramble - the McGyver of nutritious brunches!