Lake Toxaway Trip

This past weekend, we went on a trip to the mountains with a few of our dearest friends.  I didn't get nearly enough photos, but that means I was too busy having fun to stop!

We ate lunch at Cyprus in Highlands on Friday where my husband and I split two burgers, and other dishes in our group included salads and eggs benedict.  
We tried an amber beer from Satulah Brewing, and I regret not walking around the corner to check out the brewery! Dinner at Magpie Meat & Three in Brevard on Saturday evening was really great, too!  I  had a couple of awesome beers there - Coolcumber by Wicked Weed and Jalapeno Wheat IPA by Boojum.
Magpie Meat & Three

We had a great hike to Rainbow Falls from Gorges State Park and a few people in our group went down the sliding rock - I chose to keep my butt on terra firma and take photos!  The heavens opened up soon after we got to the waterfall and we had to trudge back to the car in a deluge - about 1.75 miles in pouring rain.  It was strangely peaceful - I have to admit, I was a little upset at first at the prospect of hiking back in the rain, but at some point you just kinda roll with it.  My shoes still smell like a wet dog, but I'm really glad I went.  While I enjoyed checking out local restaurants and shops and hiking my butt off, I think I enjoyed relaxing and playing games at the house more than anything! A nice mountain weekend is good for the soul!