Slumber-Party Party

Over the weekend I hosted a girly slumber party (without the slumbering...we all prefer sleeping in our own beds as opposed to on my living room floor). 

This event has been in the works for awhile - my sweet friend Twinkle moved to the US in middle school and we've often talked about some of our favorite childhood movies she has yet to see. Well, "let's make a list of movies you have to see" turned into "let's have a weekend-long slumber party during which we watch all these movies you have to see."  But then we got realistic....we're (masquerading as) adults and have too many obligations to spend a whole weekend lazing around eating junk food and watching movies.  So we kept it to one night!  You better believe we were in our jammies and makeup-free, though!

The signature cocktail was a raspberry lemonade spritzer with a rim full of sprinkles....

And we had waaaay too much snacky junk food to go around - I was still full the next day.  

My friend Lofton also brought some apple cider and mulling spices to which we added cinnamon schnapps (of course).  Because we were so full from snacking, I have tons of cider left over to enjoy by the fire!

Have you ever had a grown-up slumber party?  It was a lot easier to stay up late when we were foolish kids without responsibilities!  😝