Halloween 2017

Halloween this year was pretty low-key.  I think it falling on a Tuesday put a damper on things...we only had about half the Trick-or-Treaters we usually do!  Our Halloween get-together this year was our Stranger Things party a few days prior, but in previous years we've thrown a big shindig.

I put out my Halloween luminaries to light the way to our door - white glossy paper bags with spooky faces drawn on with permanent marker.  I use battery-powered votives to ensure no little goblins set themselves on fire.

Hubby and I dressed up as some of our favorite TV characters - Bob and Linda Belcher!

I couldn't get the wig just right, but it's the thought that counts, right?  Our dog Maddy was the perfect accompanying burger!

Did you dress up this Halloween?  Even with nowhere to go, we were excited to put together our costumes!  #nerds