Ikea Adventure and Deck Furniture

Last Friday, Mom and I took a trip up to Ikea in Charlotte for a fun-filled adventure.  My main goal was to replace our crappy plastic deck furniture I've had since grad school with some more upscale, adulty-type stuff.

Just because I set out to look like an adult doesn't mean I have to act like one, right?  I liked the look of the Äpplarö series, and I picked out the medium-sized gateleg table with two drop leaves and the foldable reclining chairs.  Even though we had a mission, we were sure to enjoy ourselves along the way!

Once I got home and unloaded, I poured myself some liquid inspiration and got to work.

The table was first...

....and I was so pleased at how it came together and how it folds up so nicely!

One by one I set up each of the chairs, putting each one together more swiftly and adeptly than the last...

I selected these because 1) they fold when not in use (our deck's footprint is somewhat small), and 2) they recline!  I've loved coming out on the deck at night when I let the dog out and just laying back and stargazing.


They all fold up when/if we need them to, and I also got a cover that's big enough to protect the set when the chairs are all open and extended (shown below as they're folded up, but you get the idea).

The night after we got the set, we hosted hubby's parents for a lovely dinner al fresco, and I was pleased as punch with our deck setup!

This is how the set looks most of the time, when it's just Mr. and Mrs. enjoying some fresh air, but I love the option of expanding it for guests!  

It may even be big enough to stick two extra chairs at each end (though it'll be cozy).  I cannot wait to put this set to good use this summer!