Spring Wine Party

Friday evening was our potluck wine tasting....which turned into more of a "wine drinking and hanging out," which I'm totally ok with.  Next time if I truly want to do a wine tasting, I'll go with a specific theme to make more of an activity out of it.  But we truly had a great time just enjoying each other's company.

I asked people to bring a bottle of wine and a coordinating snack - no other guidelines.  I got a couple different ros├ęs and made dates stuffed with goat cheese - half were wrapped in bacon and baked, the other half were drizzled in honey.

I also made some homemade crackers in 3 varieties: rosemary and sea salt, herbes de provence, and coriander/black pepper/orange zest.

Here's how my wine bottle flower arrangements project ended up:

And the little wooden caddy I used to hold pens, wine tasting cards, and napkins.

Chilled Wines and Snacks

Maddy served as bouncer/greeter

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