Pizza for Days

Because we're weak-willed foodies, when one of us piped up with, "man I'm craving a pizza" on Labor Day, the other couldn't stop obsessing about it either.  So pizza we had.

I ran to Publix and grabbed a bag each of white and wheat dough from their deli section.  I don't know how they do it, but they always have specials on whatever specialty ingredients I'm going there specifically to buy.  Their fresh mozzarella was BOGO, and their gourmet sliced pepperoni and salami was on sale.  #win

I used the wheat crust to make one of my sweet/salty faves - fig/arugula/chevre.  Instead of fresh figs this time though, I used a Stonewall Kitchen Fig and Ginger Jam (affiliate link) we received as a gift as the base "sauce."  Most often I'll use prosciutto on this pie, but I went for hot Italian sausage this time.  It did not disappoint.

For the more traditional pizza, I used the white crust, homemade pizza sauce, large-sliced pepperoni and salami, fresh mozzarella and grated parmesan, and basil from our garden.

We've eaten off these pizzas for three days.

One of the nights we had leftover pizza, I made an antipasti salad inspired by this one I found on From A Chef's Kitchen and it was a thing of beauty.  I had been craving a hearty salad for days and this fit the bill.  

What's your favorite pizza combo?  Any good salad recipes out there you just can't get enough of lately?  This salad dressing from Serious Eats has turned into our house dressing...I could drink it with a straw!