Dad's Birthday Beef Wellington

One of the first meals we prepared together for my dad's birthday a few years ago was beef wellington, and it has secured a spot in our "special occasion" repertoire.  We've tried a few different recipes, but this year we used the Ultimate Beef Wellington recipe from Serious Eats (sans foie gras).  We bought a beef tenderloin from our local meat market and had them trim it and tie it with twine. 

Jason seasoned it with salt and pepper....

and seared it in our cast iron skillet.

We worked on the mushroom duxelles....

...and coated the beef in a horseradish/dijon mustard mixture.

Assembling the whole thing can be a little frustrating, but we handled it well.  It's difficult to keep everything (phyllo and prosciutto) tight as you roll it up.

We had a little excess puff pastry when the final layer went on, so I made some cute little goat cheese tarts as an appetizer, and they were promptly gobbled up without photographic evidence. 😋

The end product turned out perfectly - Mom and I preferred the more well-done outer cuts while Jason and Dad liked the rarer middle cuts....

This recipe is such a nice presentation for a special occasion, and a great way to show someone how much they mean to you!  While it seems super-complicated, it's not too bad - it just takes a little bit of planning ahead!

Happy Birthday, Dad!